I am Rev. Ian M. Thomas

A Baptist Minister in the UK with opinions on just about everything to do with the bible and everything else!

Most of my previous messages, studies, etc are arranged by bible book and topics are linked at the top.

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On one side of this website I deal with those things that are about religion, especially of Christianity and that of the evangelical protestant type and on the other politics which is informed by my religion and I hope a biblical lens to see the world.

With that said these are my opinions and I do not apologise for them until shown I am in the wrong. And I have no issue with that. We are all wrong on some points; we just think that we are right about everything!

I am not out to score political or religious points but I have my own stamp to bring to the debate. I am on the traditional/conservative with a small ‘c’ line of thinking both religiously and politically (do not conflate with the Conservative Party) and with social activism (do not conflate with the Labour Party) but I expect that some of my thoughts would surprise you. I am not a member of any political party and not politically correct(!).

I reserve the right to change my mind about things – and rightly so, for who holds to the same beliefs that they had twenty years ago other than in those things that seem fundamental?

I respect all who have a differing opinion to me and understand that somehow you came to the point of view you have, even if I cannot understand it. I am willing to enter into fair-minded conversation with anyone as long as at the end of it we can also leave it amicably. I do not promise, though, to not be angry at some ideas especially when they are plain wrong!

I decided to put all this in my own name on a website instead of being behind a website by the name of sounddoctrine.co.uk which is no longer being hosted. I edited and hosted that website on and off for more than 20 years.